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2x2ft 60x60 Cm 600x600 Mm 40w 48w 60w Black Color Surface Mounted Led Panel Light

Size: 600x600mm
Power: 36w, 40w, 48w
Luminous Efficacy: 100-110lm/w
Material: Aluminum + PC
Color: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K
Service: OEM / ODM Customized 
Voltage: AC85-265V
Warranty: 3-5 years
  • BS-PB606-S

Black Color Surface Mounted Led Panel Light
Model BS-PB3030 BS-PB6060 BS-PB30120 BS-PB60120
Size (mm) 300x300 600x600 300x1200 600x1200
Voltage AC85-265V
Wattage 12w/18w/20w 36w/40w/48w 36w/40w/48w


Power Factor 0.5 / 0.9
LED Source SMD2835
Lumen 100-110lm/w
Material Aluminum + PC
Color Temperature 2700-7000K

Product Details-1

Surface Mounted Flat Panel Light Advantages:

1.Sleek and Stylish Design: Black frame flat panel lights feature a sleek and stylish design with a black 

border. This design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, making them ideal for 

modern interior settings.

2. Enhanced Contrast: The black frame surrounding the panel creates a visual contrast, allowing the 

light emitted from the panel to stand out. This enhances the overall visual appeal and creates a 

dramatic effect.

3. Reduced Glare: The black frame helps reduce glare by absorbing excess light and preventing it 

from reflecting off the surrounding surfaces. This improves visual comfort and reduces eye strain, 

especially in areas where direct glare can be an issue.

4. Easy Installation: Black frame LED ceiling panel lights are designed for easy installation. 

They can be recessed into the ceiling or mounted on the surface, depending on the specific 

requirements of the space. The installation process is simple and hassle-free.

Surface Mounted Flat Panel Light Features:

1. Uniform Light Distribution: flat led panel lights utilize advanced light diffusion technology 

to ensure uniform and even light distribution. This eliminates any potential shadows or 

hotspots, resulting in a smooth and consistent illumination.

2. Energy Efficiency: These Big led panel lights are equipped with high-quality LED chips that 

provide exceptional energy efficiency. They consume minimal energy while delivering bright 

and efficient lighting, leading to significant energy savings.

3. Dimmable Functionality: Many black frame ceiling lights offer dimmable functionality, 

allowing users to adjust the brightness according to their preferences or specific lighting 

requirements. This feature provides flexibility in creating different lighting atmospheres.

4. Long Lifespan: flat led panel light have a long lifespan, typically exceeding 50,000 hours. 

This longevity reduces maintenance costs and the need for frequent replacements, making 

them a cost-effective lighting solution in the long run.


Aging Test-1


Surface Mounted Flat Panel Light Application: 

Black frame flat panel lights are versatile and find applications in various settings. They are commonly 

used in offices, conference rooms, retail stores, restaurants, and residential spaces. 



Q1. Are you a factory or Trading company? 

A: We are factory, welcome visit our factory. 

Q2. Do you have MOQ limit.

A: Not have MOQ limit, 1 pcs is also available.

Q3. Can we print our Logo on the products? 

A: Yes, we would Print or Laser Carving the logo on products as your requirement. 

Q4. How long is the warranty? 

A: Our warranty is 2~5 years, any products’ question you can always ask us for advice