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Advantages of LED tubes

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The LED tube is also commonly known as the light pipe, a sunlight tube, and its light source uses LED as a light-emitting body. The traditional fluorescent lamp is also known as a fluorescent lamp, and there is a tube over both ends of the lamp. There is a trace of argon and thinner mercury vapor, and the inner wall of the lamp is applied, and the gas between the two filaments is powered by ultraviolet light. Make the phosphor to be visible. The LED tube is shaped like the traditional fluorescent lamp we often see, but the LED tube has many advantages, generally used in ordinary lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, families, factories, etc. The LED tube is more than 70%, and the life is more than 10 times more of ordinary lamp tubes (theoretically more than 50,000 hours), which is almost free of maintenance, and the cost of saving it in about half a year can be replaced. The green environmental semiconductor electrical light source, the light is soft, and the color is pure, which is conducive to people's vision protection and health.

Here is the content list:

  • Environmentally friendly lamp

  • Less fever phenomenon

  • No noise

  • Protect your eyes

  • No mosquito troubles

  • Wide voltage range

  • Long saving life

  • Firm

  • Universality

  • Colorful

Environmentally friendly lamp

Traditional fluorescent tubes contain a large amount of mercury vapor if the broken mercury vapor will volatilize to the atmosphere, resulting in pollution. However, the LED tube does not use mercury, and the LED product does not contain harmful substances such as lead, and the outer casing can also be recycled, and there is no damage to the environment. LED tube is recognized as green lighting in the 21st century.

Less fever phenomenon

Conventional luminaires are laminated with tungsten wire, which will produce a large amount of thermal energy, while LED luminaires have reached 140 lm / w, and the optical conversion rate is high, and the surface temperature of the product is 60 ° C. It does not produce ultraviolet, pair of documents, and clothing will not produce. Faded phenomenon.

No noise

LED luminaires do not produce noise, and the options for using precision electronic instruments are preferred. Suitable for a library, office such as a library.

Protect your eyes

The traditional fluorescent lamp is used by AC, so 100-120 times will be generated every second. The LED tube uses LED constant current work, which is directly converted to direct current, effectively reduces LED light failure, starts fast, no blinks, protects your eyes.

No mosquito troubles

The LED tube does not produce radiation such as ultraviolet light, infrared light, and is not harmful to harmful substances such as mercury. Therefore, like a traditional lamp, there are many mosquito worms around the light source. The chamber will become cleaner and clean.

Wide voltage range

The traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by a high voltage released by the rectifier, and when the voltage is lowered, it cannot light. LED lamps can light (such as AC 85-265V) within a certain range of voltages.

Long saving life

The power consumption of the LED tube is below one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamp. Life is 10 times that of the traditional fluorescent lamp. It is consistent with the brightness of the traditional sunlight. The normal service life is more than 30,000 hours, and the power supply is as high as more than 70%, which can belong used without replacement, reducing labor costs, making it more suitable for difficult replacement.


The LED lamp body itself is used with epoxy resin, not traditional glass, more firm, and firm, even if the LEDs on the floor will not be easily damaged, you can use it with confidence.


The LED tube is exterior, the size is the same as the traditional fluorescent lamp, can replace the traditional luminaire.


Make full use of LED colorful advantages to make a variety of illuminated lights.

If you are interested in LED tubes or want to buy LED tubes. Our official website is You can communicate with us on the website. We look forward to serving you.



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