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Analysis of Modular Cascade of Led Strip Light Electromechanical Combination

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With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, there are more and more applications of LED outdoors. So what is the analysis of the Led Strip Light electromechanical modular cascade? Let's take a look at it next.


Here is the content:

  • The reliability of the modular cascade of electromechanical integration

  • Specific measure

The reliability of the modular cascade of electromechanical integration

Connections are often fault-prone. With the shortening of the section length of the electromechanical integrated modular Led Strip Light (from the general 1-1.5 m to 0.5 m), the number of connection points has been increased by more than 1 times, including the full double-set configuration. Design, a net increase of 3 times the number of connection points, and handling connection reliability issues is the key to the success of the new light bar. To this end, the new Led Strip Light uses an advanced board-level connector technology, combined with a perfect housing and electrical design to improve connection reliability.

Specific measure

1) The connector pins of Led Strip Light and the connector jacks of the connection block are designed in double sets, each signal and each power supply are configured with double pinholes, which improves the reliability of electrical contact and reduces the voltage drop at the contact point;

2) Equipped with a reed omnidirectional O-type socket device to ensure good contact when the connection pinholes are offset in all directions;

3) The Led Strip Light and the connection are integrated into the design, using the surface mount connector and the mold-opening process to make the shell, so that the electrical and shell components fit perfectly.

4) Both the U-shaped connection block and the lamp panel shell are provided with a guide and insertion structure to ensure that the pinholes are connected without damage when the connection block is cascaded with the Led Strip Light;

5) Both ends of each connector are fastened with M5 bolts, and there are a total of 4 sets of M5 bolts for the two connectors of each U-shaped connection block. The 4 sets of bolts can play the role of mutual backup, even if one set of bolts is loose, it will not affect the overall electrical connection performance.

6) The whole process of processing flow and on-site assembly realizes no manual welding intervention, reduces defective products, and greatly improves the production efficiency of Led Strip Light.

7) The inner frame of the connection is protected and sealed with a custom rubber pad to prevent water, moisture and dust from entering, reducing the possibility of pinhole oxidation.

The LED display industry is a multi-professional, or even inter-professional, comprehensive discipline, especially the mechanical and electrical integration, the closeness of mutual influence and promotion, which can be compared with the mobile phone manufacturing industry. Therefore, in the product finalization stage, experts in the connector industry of national defense science and industrial enterprises are specially invited to review and improve the new cascading method, process, and usability. In short, compared with the connection method of the pigtail cable aviation head, the new Led Strip Light cascading method has not only its prominent functional advantages but also its connection reliability has also been greatly improved.

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