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Characteristics of LED bulbs

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When the night comes, the entire city is filled with colorful neon. Although the styles of fixtures are diverse, most of them are LED bulbs. It can be seen that the LED bulbs are quite wide in our lives. Today, the LED bulbs on the market have a wide variety, and the brand is more diverse. Let us know the characteristic of the LED bulb.


Here is the content list:

  • Energy saving

  • Healthy

  • Artisticization

  • Humanize

Energy saving

The research data shows that since the LED bulb is a cold light source, the semiconductor lighting itself does not pollute the environment, compared with incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and the power save efficiency can reach more than 90%. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of ordinary incandescent lamps, 1/2 of the fluorescent tube.


LED is a green light source. The LED lamp is DC-driven, without stroboscopic. No infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color rendering, and strong luminous directionality; good dimming performance, no visual error when the color temperature changes; cold light source has low calorific value and can be safely touched; these are beyond the reach of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. It can not only provide comfortable lighting space but also meet people's physiological and health needs. It is a healthy light source to protect eyesight and protect the environment. Because of the low power and brightness of a single LED, it is not suitable to use it alone. However, assembling multiple LEDs to design a practical LED lighting fixture will have a broad application prospect. The lamp designer can decide the shape of the lamp optical system, the number of LEDs, and the power according to the demand of lighting objects and luminous flux. Several LED light-emitting tubes can also be combined to design the "secondary light source" of point light source, ring light source, or area light source, and lamps and lanterns can be designed according to the combined "secondary light source".


The color is the basic element of the visual aesthetics is an important means of beautification room. The selection of the light source directly affects the artistic effect of the light. The LED bulb shows unparalleled advantages in the light color display of the lamp; color LED products have covered the entire visible spectrum range, and the monochrome is good, the color is high, red, green the combination of yellow LEDs makes color and grayscale (167 million colors) have greater flexibility. The lamp is a lighting sculpture, and the form of lamps, structures, morphology, and texture is also an important means of displaying art. LED bulbs technology enables the living room to better organically combine scientific and artistic, breaking the side of the traditional luminaire, surpassing the concept of the inherent so-called luminaire, in the artistic creative performance of awareness and morphology, with one new perspective to understand, understand and express the theme of light. It can be more flexibly using the optical technology in the brightness and darkness, the combination of light and color, material, and structural design, improve design degree of freedom to weaken the lighting function of the luminaire.


Undoubtedly, the relationship between the light and people is an eternal topic. "People saw the lights, I saw the light", is the classic discourse that changed the awareness of countless designers. The highest realm of the lamp is also the highest embodiment of humanized lighting. There is no trace of common lamps in the room, so people can feel the light source, reflecting the perfect combination of light and human life.

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