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Design of Led Grow Light

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LED is a semiconductor electronic component that can convert electrical energy into light energy. The conversion efficiency is as high as 60%. Compared with traditional light sources, it has the advantages of many wavelength types, energy-saving and environmental protection, and long service life. It has been widely used in agricultural production. So what is the design of the Led Grow Light? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Hardware Design of Smart Socket

l Led Grow Light Control Box Design

Hardware Design of Smart Socket

(1) Microprocessor: Mainly responsible for parameter detection, abnormal control, wireless communication, and other functions of the entire Led Grow Light system.

(2) Power metering module: The power acquisition chip collects the corresponding current and voltage values and stores them in the chip.

(3) Power module: Convert the AC voltage into the DC voltage required by the system through AD-DC conversion.

(4) Communication module: The Led Grow Light module has two parts, receiving and sending. The receiving part is responsible for receiving the real-time parameter values of the smart lamp head, and the sending part is sent by the smart socket to the smart lamp head according to the transmission protocol.

(5) Clock module: The clock chip obtains the precise time, and the microprocessor automatically switches the scene mode according to the obtained time.

(6) Early warning module: When the smart socket is abnormal, the microprocessor controls the buzzer to sound, and there is no response when it is normal.

Led Grow Light Control Box Design

The Led Grow Light control box mainly realizes parameter setting, sending, receiving, and fill light parameters for display and other related operations. LED plant growth light control box includes FPGA main control chip, LCD panel, key array or touch panel circuit, RAM. LCD panel, key array or touch panel circuit, RAM interface respectively through digital. The data line is connected with the main control chip. The Led Grow Light control box is responsible for controlling and coordinating various parts to achieve preset lighting parameters, as well as access to the internal parameters of the lamp; the LCD panel provides interactive information display for users; For fill light requirements, control parameters can be input through the key array or touch screen; the peripheral expansion FLASH is used to store various fill light modes, and the RAM is mainly used for centering in the development process. The RAM selects SRAM or SDRAM according to actual needs, the communication interface is used to transmit the communication protocol, and the I/O expansion interface is used for remote control of the control box, detection of ambient temperature or humidity.

The Led Grow Light control box can be connected to several Led Grow Lights according to different design capacities, such as 256 Led Grow Lights. Each plant light can determine a unique communication address according to the order in which it is located so that the LED plant light control box can access the internal working parameters of each plant light through the ZIGBEE control network, and display the corresponding parameter information through the display device. At the same time, according to the fill light requirements of different plants, preset parameters such as temperature and brightness for the visited plant fill light lamps, store the preset information in the memory and send it to the visited LED fill light lamps through the control network. The fill light fixture receives the setting parameters sent by the control box, processes, judges, executes data and other operation instructions, and finally generates PWM signals with different duty ratios of red and blue to realize the output of different R/B. Led Grow Light meets different requirements. Lighting needs of plants.

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