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Features and Benefits of Led Street Light

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Led Street Light is famous for being green, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving. Compared with traditional light sources, it has unique advantages. At present, large quantities of Led Street Light are gradually replacing traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. The following focuses on several prominent application advantages of Led Street Lights.

Here is the content list:

l Energy-saving and material saving

l Environmental Protection

l Strong earthquake resistance

l Long-lasting

l Adaptable

l Good light source stability

l The price is gradually reduced, and the maintenance cost is low

Energy-saving and material saving

Led Street Light has a near-perfect electro-optical conversion rate. Experimental data from various parties have proved that under the same luminous flux, Led Street Light can effectively save energy consumption by more than 45% compared with traditional street lights, and high-efficiency products can save energy by 75%. At present, whether it is road lighting or home lighting, the competitive advantages of LED energy-saving lamps are unparalleled. Under the same conditions, the illuminance of ordinary 120 W LED street lamps and 250 W high-pressure sodium lamps are similar, the power consumption of LED street lamps is greatly reduced, and the energy-saving effect is better. According to the urban arterial road, the light poles are arranged on both sides, with a distance of 25 m, and the lights are turned on for 12 hours a day so that every kilometer of the urban arterial road can save nearly 45,000 kWh of electricity per year. The specific calculation formula is as follows: W = (250-120) ×1000÷25×2×12×365÷1 000=45 000. Moreover, compared with traditional street lights, under the same conditions, the use costs of Led Street Lights power supply wires, circuit breakers, etc. are also greatly reduced. It can be seen that their contribution to material saving is also quite outstanding.

Environmental Protection

The LED light source is cold, there is no ultraviolet, blue light that is harmful to the retina of the eyes, and there is no heat radiation that is harmful to the retina. It does not release harmful substances during use, and it does not contain mercury. It is a green lighting source.

Strong earthquake resistance

The Led Street Light source is encapsulated with epoxy resin, and the lamp body is tightly combined without leaving any gaps, which has a great advantage in shock resistance.


The service life of the LED light source is as long as 1×10°h, which is far more than that of the traditional street light source, and the service life is more than 5 times.


Led Street Light can work stably in an extremely harsh environment of -35~+65℃.

Good light source stability

In recent years, the stability of Led Street Light in road lighting far exceeds that of traditional street light sources, and there is very little damage. The various excellent characteristics of Led Street Lights make them deeply loved by the public.

The price is gradually reduced, and the maintenance cost is low

With the rapid development of LED technology, various shortcomings of Led Street Light have also been supplemented, and the intelligent control characteristics of Led Street Lights have highlighted its advantages. In the context of energy conservation and emission reduction, Led Street Light products are being promoted all over the country, and a large number of orders have further promoted Led Street Light manufacturers to reduce costs, thereby making their prices more affordable. In 2020, the average price of LED street lamps in my country has dropped to below 2,800 yuan, which is a great improvement compared to the initial stage. Although the new installation cost of Led Street Lights is much higher than that of traditional street light sources, its energy-saving effect and ultra-low maintenance cost make its advantages still significant.

The above is about the features and advantages of Led Street Light. If you are interested in Led Street Light, you can contact us. Our website is



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