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LED panel light in office lighting design requirements

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LED panel light is a kind of beauty and a high-grade indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodizing, and the light source is LED. The design of the whole lamp is beautiful, concise, and luxurious, which not only has a good lighting effect but also gives people a beautiful feeling. My country's economy is in a stage of rapid development, but energy has become a bottleneck restricting my country's economic development, of which lighting energy consumption accounts for a considerable proportion. In the case of such a shortage of energy, energy saving has become a social problem, and office lighting energy-saving is no exception. Today, with the rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED lighting has gradually become the first choice for office lighting due to its low power consumption, long service life, and high brightness. So what are the design requirements of LED panel lights in office lighting? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Design elements

l Main requirements for lighting

Design elements

Good indoor lighting quality consists of the following 5 elements:

(1) Appropriate illumination level;

(2) Comfortable brightness distribution;

(3) Pleasant light color and good color rendering;

(4) LED panel light has no glare interference;

(5) LED panel light has the correct projection direction and perfect three-dimensional sense of shape.

Main requirements for lighting

However, different applications have different emphases on lighting quality requirements. The main requirements for office lighting in "Code for Design of Office Buildings" are:

(1) High-efficiency energy-saving fluorescent lamps and energy-saving light sources should be used for office lighting, and LED panel light without glare should be selected.

(2) Office lighting should meet the visual physiological needs and work illuminance needs of office staff. The standard value of illuminance of LED panel light shall comply with the provisions of Article 7.3.4 of this specification.

(3) General office lighting should be designed on both sides of the work area. When using fluorescent lamps, the vertical and horizontal lines of the lamps should be parallel to the horizontal line of sight, and the LED panel light should not be placed directly in front of the working position.

(4) In an office room with a computer, images of people and things on the screen should be avoided.

(5) When it is difficult to determine the working position, two-way bat-wing light distribution lamps with a large luminous area and low brightness can be selected.

(6) The lighting of the conference room should consider the lighting above the conference table as the main lighting so that people can feel the center and concentration, the illumination should be appropriate, and auxiliary lighting should be added around.

(7) For the lighting of the stage area of the auditorium, which is mainly used for assembly, the overhead light can be used with auxiliary lighting installed in front of the stage, and the average vertical illuminance shall not be less than 300lx.

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