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Led Strip Light Electromechanical Integration and Improvements

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LED is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light, which can directly convert electricity into light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip, one end of the chip is attached to a bracket, one end is the negative electrode, and the other end is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply so that the entire chip is encapsulated by epoxy resin. So what are the Led Strip Light housing designs and advantages? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Realization of Cascade of Electromechanical Combination

l LED strip improvements

Realization of Cascade of Electromechanical Combination

The customized new modular electromechanical integrated cascading light strip is the main feature that distinguishes it from the general Led Strip Light, and it is also the main innovation goal to fit the installation features. The cascading of the new Led Strip Light adopts an electromechanical integration method. The two sections of light bars are connected by connectors, and the connection block shell is also made of PC material. The connection pin module is attached to the two ends of the light board, and the 20-pin bidirectional and "1 + 1" O-type four-wall reed jack modules are attached to the two ends of the connection board. Various structures are used to guide and align. 4 groups of M5 bolts are tightly fastened in a U-shaped connection, forming a reliable electrical and mechanical link between the connection block and the Led Strip Light. Each Led Strip Light can be called a section due to its excellent cascading properties, and its length can be called section length. Due to the constraints of the mold processing technology and the splicing accuracy at the cut-off line of the bird's nest screen, the section length of the LED light bar is designed to be 0. 5m, so the manufacturing length of the new LED light bar can be arbitrarily in a section length of 0. 5m to 5m. The length of the maximum number of sections after concatenation can be arbitrarily defined. In the case of 48V pressurization, the test shows that the maximum length of the cascade can be up to 18 m.

LED strip improvements

The newly developed new Led Strip Light has the following improvements:

1) The completely cut off so that there is no trouble with the pigtail cable for material transportation and cascading light strips so that the Led Strip Light has good smoothness and passability;

2) U-shaped circuit board level connector cascading method realizes the whole machine welding process line production of electrical components without hand welding;

3) The concept of section length of LED light strips was born, and the cascaded light strips appeared as a whole concept, highlighting the advanced manufacturing process of modular production, and the manufacturing length can be arbitrarily defined within the maximum span.

4) Led Strip Light with short section length is suitable for large-scale and rapid production of molds, and it also improves the convenience of handover and operation of processing lines, and the processing production efficiency is an order of magnitude higher than that of ordinary profile manufacturing processes.

5) The stairway on the curtain wall will cause the Led Strip Light to be cut off, and the LED strip with a short section length can be connected more precisely.

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