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Led Strip Light Housing Design and Benefits

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The shell structure determines the mechanical performance, protection ability, and manufacturing process of the Led Strip Light, and is also the main basis and external characteristics of the classification of LED display devices. So what are the Led Strip Light housing designs and advantages? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l The shell design of the light bar

l Advantage

The shell design of the light bar

To install the screen device on the Led Strip Light outer frame member, the first thing that needs to be satisfied is the load constraint. It is required that the sum of all LED equipment, including light bars, cascade connection blocks, positioning boards, power lines, signal lines, power/signal distributors, etc., be less than 6 kg/m, according to the full double set of light bar configuration, grid spacing converted to 15 cm, the weight including the connecting block is less than 0. 3 kg/m; obviously, the lightweight light bar can improve the material transportation capacity of the aerial platform vehicle and the convenience and safety of high-altitude operation. The current LED light bar has a unit weight of more than 0.5 kg, which is overweight. Reasonable Led Strip Light shell design should not only meet the characteristics of large span, smooth and directional elastic bending but also reduce weight. The main measure to reduce weight is to adopt a complex polyline curve design on the back to reduce the amount of material used for the shell while ensuring both mechanical flexibility and strength. The shell is made of lightweight PC material.


A 48V to 5V conversion circuit is arranged in the middle convex part of the back of the Led Strip Light, and the two ends are slightly convex to arrange the 20-pin bidirectional 1 + 1 connector position for a fast connection. The thickness of the shell body is only 12. 4mm. This intricate bump-shaped light strip chassis design brings several advantages:

1) The first is to effectively reduce the amount of material used for the Led Strip Light shell, thereby reducing the weight of the light strip by nearly half.

2) Effectively reduce the section of Led Strip Light, which means the reduction of wind load;

3) The realization of the cascading mode of electromechanical integration suitable for the level of circuit board connectors;

4) The overall design of the housing helps guide the light bar to bend more towards the front and rear directions of the curved circuit board, strengthening the lateral deflection.

5) Taking advantage of the self-positioning properties of PC materials, hard circuit boards, etc., attention is paid to controlling the warpage of the mold in the design to ensure that the Led Strip Light has good resilience.

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