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Solar Led Light System Software Design

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The main task of the Solar Led Light lighting system controller software is to determine whether it is day or night by collecting the voltage of the solar panel. If it is daytime, according to the detected voltage value of the battery, it will control to enter different charging stages to charge the battery to prevent the system from overcharging. If it is at night, according to the detected voltage value of the solar panel, control the Solar Led Light to turn on, turn off the LED light by timing, and control the over-discharge of the battery discharge. What is the software design of the Solar Led Light system? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content list:

l System main program

l Day subroutine

l Night subroutine

System main program

Under the action of the intelligent controller, the Solar Led Light lighting system executes the daytime subroutine during the day and the nighttime subroutine at night. By sampling and testing the solar cells, it is very important to judge the day and night for the normal operation of the system.

Day subroutine

The subroutine during the day is mainly to sample the Solar Led Light solar panel voltage and battery voltage, determine whether the charging conditions are met, and then enter different charging stages according to the battery voltage. In different charging stages, the charging mode is adjusted by adjusting the duty cycle of the charging voltage PWM pulse. When the Solar Led Street Light battery is in the over-discharge protection stage, use the direct charging method: when the battery is in the half-saturated stage, use the pulse width modulation PWM method to charge: until the battery enters the over-charge protection stage, stop charging.

Night subroutine

The night subroutine mainly judges whether the battery is over-discharged according to the sampling solar panel voltage and battery voltage. When the battery voltage is higher than the over-discharge protection voltage, the battery supplies power to the Solar Led Light; when the battery voltage is lower than the over-discharge protection voltage, the Stop supplying power to the LED lights and enter the over-discharge protection stage. At the same time, after the Solar Wall Light is started, the time is preset by the microcontroller timer, and when the predetermined time is reached, the power supply of the LED light is stopped.

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