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Spectrum and Application of Led Grow Light

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LED has the advantages of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, use of direct current, small size, long life, low energy consumption, fixed wavelength, and low heat generation can be adjusted, and it is also a low-calorie cold light source, which can be irradiated at close range, thus greatly improving the number of cultivation layers and space utilization of plants. With the continuous improvement of LED performance, the gradual decline in price and the development of various wavelength-specific products, the application range of LEDs in the agricultural field will be wider. As a light source for plant growth, LED has been highly valued by countries around the world in recent years. So what is the spectrum and application of Led Grow Light? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l The spectrum of Led Grow Light

l Application of Led Grow Light

The spectrum of Led Grow Light

(a) It is an LED light that uses red and blue mixed light. There are mainly two peaks in the range of visible light, corresponding to blue light with the main wavelength of about 460 nm and red light of about 660 nm. It is the most basic Led Grow.

(b) Is a Led Grow Light that uses red, blue, and green mixed light. Due to the addition of green LEDs, in the visible light range, in addition to blue light with a dominant wavelength of about 460 nm and red light of about 660 nm. In addition to the 2 peaks of light, there is also a small amount of green light. Studies have shown that green light also has a positive effect on the growth of plants. For example, the transmittance of green light is higher than that of blue light, which can better penetrate the leaves to reach the canopy of plants and promote plant growth. Because of its continuous spectrum, it is called "full-spectrum" plant growth lighting, which is an improved form of plant lighting.

(c) In addition to the output characteristics of "full-spectrum" Led Grow Light, it has a large amount of output in the red and far-red bands in the range of 600~800 nm, which can control the entire process of plants from germination to vegetative growth to flowering. A more targeted and improved LED plant growth lighting.

Application of Led Grow Light

Plants formed in nature after hundreds of millions of years of evolution have a wide variety of different personalities, and there are also huge differences in light requirements during the growth process. Plants' needs for light are usually divided into three categories: shade-loving plants, sun-loving plants, and neutral plants. In addition, different plants and different growth stages of the same plant have different light requirements. Therefore, in general, the choice of Led Grow Light is a relatively difficult task, which needs to be based on a lot of scientific research and practical experience. The following aspects are summarized here for reference. The use of LED lighting technology can increase the growth rate and photosynthetic rate of plants by more than 20%, but the performance of Led Grow Light depends on the quality of the LED. In terms of product selection, since the optical and electrical properties of red, blue, and other LED light sources on the market are quite different, the selection of regular large-scale products can not only ensure the optical and electrical indicators of the light source but also have high luminous intensity, pure light color, good consistency, and other advantages.

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