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Structure and types of Led Grow Light

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According to the same plant in different growth stages, the lighting needs of different plant growth and different site conditions, the structure of LED plant growth lights has various styles, covering almost all common structural forms of ordinary LED white light lighting. There are both replacement types such as light bulbs and lamps, and integral types; both side-illuminated and down-illuminated types, and there are many types. So what is the structure and type of Led Grow Light? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Integral

l Columnar

l Combined

l Types of Led Grow Light


Using the overall structure, the three major elements of Led Grow Light are assembled through mechanical action to form complete and independent lighting. Its input is AC 220 V mains or 12~24 V and other low-voltage DC, and the output is a fixed spectrum that meets the needs of plant growth. Led Grow Light has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible application, and convenient installation. photo and other forms.


Using several unit module structures, the modules are assembled through a mechanical connection to form a complete and independent LED plant lighting lamp, and can also form a series of products. Led Grow Light has the characteristics of convenient processing, flexible expansion, etc., and has various forms such as suspension and ceiling.


Several integral Led Grow Light are mechanically structured to form a new and complete independent lighting lamp. It has the characteristics of convenient combination, convenient expansion, flexible installation, etc. It also has various forms such as suspension and ceiling.

Types of Led Grow Light

There are many manufacturers of Led Grow Light on the market, and the phenomenon of plagiarism is serious, and the quality and performance indicators are uneven. Relatively speaking, mainstream manufacturers have strong R&D capabilities, generally have close ties with agricultural scientific research institutions, and have good capabilities in material procurement, aging, inspection, production, and testing. Therefore, the Led Grow Light produced is of good quality and has a good reputation. A high degree and reasonable price should be preferred.

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