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The working process of the mold of Led Floodlight

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Led Floodlight is not a spotlight, a spotlight, a spotlight. Floodlights create a highly diffuse, non-directional light rather than a well-defined beam, resulting in soft and transparent shadows that fade much more slowly when used to illuminate objects than with spotlights, there are even some Led Floodlights that fade very slowly, looking like a light source that doesn't produce shadows. Spotlights, on the other hand, project a directional, well-defined beam of light that illuminates a specific area. So how does the Led Floodlight work? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content:

l Die casting

l After the mold is formed

Die casting

Led Floodlight mold die-cast molding ends. After the movement of the injection head of the die-casting machine is completed, after pressure maintenance and cooling, the movable die base plate drives the movable die part to move back, and the hydraulic ejection system of the die-casting machine starts to work. Push the movable mold push rod to push the casting out of the movable mold insert, and at the same time push the gating system and the overflow bag out of the movable mold. When the mold is closed, the reset rod set in the movable mold resets all the pushrods in the movable mold part. To achieve a fast and reliable reset, a spring is set between the pushrod fixing plate and the movable mold backing plate. The Led Floodlight punching and flanging convex and concave die is fixed on the lower die fixing plate, and the deep drawing punch is elastically connected to the upper surface of the lower die backing plate by short discharge screws and short springs. The top plate and the ejector rod are connected by threads and pass through the lower die base, the lower die backing plate, the lower die fixing plate, and the deep drawing punch. topping mechanism. The blanking dies, hollow backing plate, lower die fixing plate and lower die backing plate is positioned by positioning pins and fixed on the lower die base by fastening screws, which constitute the lower die part of the Led Floodlight mold.

After the mold is formed

The stamping material is placed on the Led Floodlight die, the upper die is lowered, and the blanking is performed under the blanking, deep drawing convex die and blanking die. Under the action of the blanking and deep drawing punch and die and the deep drawing punch, the blanking part is drawn into a shallow drawing part. When the drawing reaches the height of the part, under the action of the punching punch and the punching and flanging punch and die, the bottom of the part is punched out the flanged bottom hole. Next, the Led Floodlight mold part is in contact with the flanging hole convex ring table inside the blanking deep drawing convex and concave die. Under the pressure of the upper die, it overcomes the total elastic force of the short spring, and the deep drawing convex die is pressed down so that the punching and flanging convex and concave die is connected with the punching and concave die. The flanged hole convex ring table inside the blanking and deep drawing punch and concave die flange the part. After the flanging is successful, the upper die stops descending, and the successfully stamped part is pushed out of the Led Floodlight die under the action of the upper die elastic push block and the lower die elastic top plate, and the stamping plate is unloaded from the die under the action of the unloading plate. The punching waste is flanged from the punching punch to the inner hole of the punching and concave die piece by piece, through the inner hole of the hollow screw, and is discharged from the lower die, and the upper die is raised to the original position to complete a punching job.

The above is about the working process of the mold of Led Floodlight, if you are interested in Led Floodlight, you can contact us. Our website is I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.



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